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Importance of Having a Good Resume

So many people underestimate the importance of having a good resume. Research shows that with so many resumes to sort through, employers will usually spend less than a minute or two on each resume. The resume is a business document that should outline, summarize and follow a reader-friendly format with conciseness. It is crucial to create an informative, eye catching and error-free resumes.
Once your resume is focused with marketing strategy using powerful accomplishments and keyword and showcased in the most effective format, you are well on your way to gaining your career objective quicker and with greater confidence. Ultimate Professional Resume Solution can help you with writing a good resume for you, you came to the right place!

Importance of Resume Key Words

In the modern world, Resume Keywords play an important role in the candidate selection process. Employers' dependence on keywords to find the job candidates they want to interview has come about in recent years because of technology. Hiring managers have a trend on digitizing job-seeker resumes, and building databases so that using software they can search database by relevant keywords for the specific job vacancy. If the resume does not contain relevant key words then the human may not get the resume, it's practically rejected by a computer.
When the resume includes the key words that hiring managers are searching for, whether the search is done manually or with computer equipment, you will make the right kind of impression on the hiring manager and be at the head of the line for a face to face meeting.
Understanding what key words to use is as easy as looking at the ad you have for the position you are seeking. Also our Ultimate Professional Resume Solution has a list of suggested key words with resume samples based on the industry and type of the position.

Common Mistakes in Resumes

Intentionally or unintentionally, many people do mistakes in their resumes. This is true irrespective of the skill level, position applying for. Don’t make these common mistakes in your resume.

Mistake #1: Incorrect Personal Information

Due to some reason good percentage of candidates include undated contact information in their resumes. If the potential employer tries to call you and if it’s a disconnected phone, you just missed the opportunity. Always include current phone numbers and an active email address that you check regularly.

Mistake #2: Typos and Spelling Mistakes

Every day many people around the word respond to employment advertisements with resumes with miss-spelled words or resumes with typing errors. Proof read your resume few times before you send it out. Have your mother, sister, bother or a friend look at your resume, second set of eyes can notice errors that you are unable to catch.

Mistake #3: Using Complex/Inappropriate Format

Don’t try to be too creative with your resume. Employers like to see things in commonly acceptable formats, so they can compare between the resumes they have. This is easy to solve once you understand which format best supports your career objective. See our explanation about choosing resume format. Also do not use too small fonts just because you want to squeeze everything in to one page. Good resume formats are clear, readable, and attractive.

Mistake #4: No Key Words/Action Verbs

Base on the job description in the advertisement, you need to include action verbs in your resume. This significantly improve your chances of getting a in person interview. Please see our explanation above regarding importance of key words.

Ultimate Professional Resume Solution can help you to aviod these mistakes, you came to the right place!

Resume Formats

There are three popular resume formats. Following explanation will help you to determine what type of resume format to use.

Chronological Resume

A chronological resume lists your job history in the fist section. Your work history is listed in reverse chronological order with your most recent job first. This kind of a resume highlights your work experience and if you have a strong employment history this format is recommended. Employers tend to like this type of a resume because it is easy to see what you have done, when you have done and what you have held.
Sections of a chronological resume include: Personal Information, Objective, Work Experience, Education, Professional Affiliations & Interests.

Functional Resume

A functional resume lists skills in order of their importance. A functional resume emphasizes on your skills and experience, rather than on your chronological work history. The functional resume is ideal if you're looking for a career change or for students who have no / little previous work experience and are applying for their first job.
Sections of a functional resume include: Personal Information, Objective, Summary of Qualifications, Professional Accomplishments, Work Experience, Education

Combination Resume

A combination resume is a combination of both a functional and chronological resume. A combination resume lists your skills and experience first and then your employment history. With this type of resume you can highlight the skills you have that are relevant to the job you are applying for. So It can provide great flexibility in that you can alter the emphasis of the resume to suit your personal abilities and situation.
Sections of a combination resume include: Personal Information, Objective, Summary of Qualifications, Professional Accomplishments, Work History, Education, Professional Affiliations & Interest.

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